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I went on a photography research day out around the Castlefield area of Manchester where the Bridgewater canal joins the Rochdale canal to try and find some inspiration for my logo ideas and found quite a lot of nice geometrical shapes and patterns that could be translated into a stylized logo. I walked down the canal from the crown court, past Canal street and Deansgate to get to Castlefield and walked around the whole area including down to the peoples history museum past the Museum of Science and Industry. Being in that area you can sort of feel how industrial it used to be. The huge railway viaducts that pass over pretty much the whole Castlefield Basin are very striking. Everything is red brick, which gave me some ideas for possible colours to use for the logo? There may be some problems with that due to the clients constraints however, I will investigate it further anyway. I feel it was a valuable exercise visiting the area as it gave me a lot of visual ideas and also ideas for colour as I mentioned. It kind of also made me try and relate the whole industrial feel to the NHS, the rise of industry and modernism leading itself to a better society and caring for others? Maybe there is a stronger link between industry, engrained in the Bridgewater canal, and the NHS that I had not considered and may be communicated in the new logo with great affect? I will almost certainly visit the canal again but maybe in a different area, not as industrial as Castlefield, to get a different feeling of the water.

The three railway viaducts that cross the basin. The furthest away made of tubular steel, the middle of wrought and cast iron and the closest of brick and iron.

Moorings found all along the canal sides.

A gear house for the basin with draw bridges.

The footbridge crossing the Bridgewater canal at the Castlefield Basin.

A monument made from a gear salvaged from the gear house.

Lock gate 88 on the Rochdale canal, lock 92 joins the Rochdale to the Bridgewater in Castlfield.

A draw bridge and converted warehouse, now flats and restaurants.



Bridgewater Canal

I visited the bridge water canal today to do some visual research, photography, and some historical, through the information boards they have set up around the part of the canal that runs through Manchester. I also used some – resources about the canal and its geography.

The canal was first opened 17.7.1761 and was the first canal in the country to not follow an existing river or other body of water so was considered a great achievement and many other canals across the country followed its lead. It was built by Francis Egerton, the third Duke of Bridgewater, in order to carry coal to the factories in Manchester.

This is just a brief explanation of the canals origins and where it got its name from. Today it is owned by the Manchester ship canal company and is protected by the Bridgewater canal trust which raise money and carry out restorations continuously. A more detailed history can be found at the Bridgewater canal company.

History of Logo

I’ve conducted some initial research into the history of logo design but only web based, obviously I will expand on this in the coming weeks but I have found some interesting sites already.

Logo Orange is a site cataloging the history of logos form various companies around the world with a brief history of the origins of each and how they have evolved. Its got handy downloads of a lot of them as eps files which will help with my visual research and idea generation. It is a history of famous brand logos so is limited on that front.

Just Creative is the website/blog/portfolio of the graphic designer Jacob Cass. There are several interesting posts on the site including one differentiating logo from identity and brand which includes a good concise definition of a logo as… A logo is for… identification. A logo identifies a company or product via the use of a mark, flag, symbol or signature. There is also a post on five principles to designing a good logo that I can utilize in my own design.

1st Web Designer is a site of links to other logo inspiration websites, including catalogues of existing logos and sites with logo design advice.

Logo Pond is another site cataloging logo’s, professional and amateur for commenting and critiques by the public.