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Idea Development

After collating research and conducting focus groups, along with feedback on the concepts sent to Matt, i developed the ideas that were approved by the client. I adapted them and experimented with different colours from the brand identity document. I tested whether they worked in black and white and indifferent sizes. I then forwarded the developed idea to Matt.

The feedback from Matt was concise and honest which was very helpful and helped me develop the ideas that he thought would be suitable for the identity. I was happy with the direction given by the client and the development of the idea went well. I wanted to combine both icon and text and the logos that the client approved of were combination logos so i was happy to develop these ideas.

I would of liked to have met up with matt to discuss the ideas further but was unable to at the time. The feedback was helpful though but it would of been good to bounce some ideas off him face to face to get a better idea of what they were looking for. This is possibly a disadvantage of an indicative project.


Critical Moment

At 10.53am i received an email from the communications and marketing manager at Bridgewater, Matthew Atherton, stating, “It will probably be tomorrow afternoon when it (the brief) goes out now – we had to extend a deadline for staff responses.” So the deadline that the client themselves had set for the release had been delayed without a definative new date or time for release. I replied to Matt saying thank you and I hope to hear from him as soon as possible. I was at home working on my research at the time that I received the email.

I wasn’t expecting there to be any delay since the brief is being set by a large organisation who I expect have their own strict deadlines to work by so I was quite shocked by the delay. Initially, I would of expected an apology for the delay and the changes I would have to make but I expect that Matt isn’t exactly pleased with the delay himself and from the abruptness of the email I think he’ quite busy and the delay is not his fault.

It stands out as a critical incident for the project as I cannot develop my ideas until I receive the brief. Although I have an idea of the brief, have conducted research and have developed initial scamps and sketches for initial ideas, I cannot develop the ideas until I know the constraints set out in the brief, the message that the client wants to convey with the logo and identity and the identity management to the formal NHS logo and the new Bridgewater logo.

From the point of view of the client, the delay may be neccessary in one respect due to the staff feedback not received. This may be an important input for the client’s research and may inform my own designs greatly so it may be essential for the project and leaving it out of the brief may be critical.

I have learnt from this event that clients can be unreliable. I did not expect that a large client would have delays, or notify of any delays so close to a deadline. I was only informed on the day that the brief was to be released and would of prefered to of had a bit more notice as I have planned and prepared to work on the brief straight away. A new deadline would of also been preferable compared to “probably be tomorrow.” I maybe should of highlighted this when communicating with the client.

In light of the incident I will continue my initial idea generation and research in the hope that the brief will be released tomorrow so that development can begin. I will also adapt my Gantt chart for the new timetable and email the client tomorrow again to try and get a set release date if it is not released tomorrow.


I’ll conduct my reflection throughout this learning log using the Gibbs reflective model shown above. i’ve already come across a few problems when planning my project through my Gannt chart.

My client will only be releasing the official design brief for the project on 31st October so this had to be accounted for when planning the project.

This will limit the amount of time I have for client feed back in the early phases of the project and also caused a bit of panic for myself in regards to time management. There is, however, a positive side to this as it gives me a set period to concentrate on research. Further to this, the design brief will also be based on research conducted by the client themselves so it will be very specific. The client has also provided me with some details on the deliverables of the project so I can account for them in my time management as well.

Overall at first I viewed this set date for the brief as a negative in respect to my deadlines for the module but I think now, if sticking to my Gannt chart it could be a positive.

This is my gannt chart: pp_gannt_chart_cs5

I have also had some initial problems with time due to my part time job. To remedy this I have already reduced my hours at work so that I can concentrate more on the project. I will spend my time running up to the official brief release researching and conducting initial idea generation using a range of techniques.

Finding A Client…

Luckily I have already secured a client for my Professional Practice module:

The Bridgewater Community Health Care NHS Trust is a new organisation comprising of several previous NHS trusts and therefore requires rebranding within the new NHS structure. The client is the new trust and my contact will be Matthew Atherton, communications and marketing manager, Halton and St.Helens division.

I have not received the brief yet but from initial communication it will include a new identity for the trust comprising of a stand alone logo and one that will work with the existing NHS logo. As well as this, designs for a cover page for the NHS annual report and a series of A5 DL leaflets will be required.

I think this will be a suitable project including strict deadlines and client requirements due to the nature of the organisation. Not only will it  test my project management and client interaction skills but also my design skills as I will have to consider accessibility a lot more than I have in previous projects.