Monthly Archives: December 2011

Idea Development

After collating research and conducting focus groups, along with feedback on the concepts sent to Matt, i developed the ideas that were approved by the client. I adapted them and experimented with different colours from the brand identity document. I tested whether they worked in black and white and indifferent sizes. I then forwarded the developed idea to Matt.

The feedback from Matt was concise and honest which was very helpful and helped me develop the ideas that he thought would be suitable for the identity. I was happy with the direction given by the client and the development of the idea went well. I wanted to combine both icon and text and the logos that the client approved of were combination logos so i was happy to develop these ideas.

I would of liked to have met up with matt to discuss the ideas further but was unable to at the time. The feedback was helpful though but it would of been good to bounce some ideas off him face to face to get a better idea of what they were looking for. This is possibly a disadvantage of an indicative project.