The Brief

I received the formal brief for the project on the 1st November as stated by the client the previous day. As soon as I received it I entered it into my proposal and finalised my statement of intent. I then began to read the brief several times to understand it better and began initial idea scamps. I also organised a focus group to gather some primary research to help my idea generation.

I was relieved that I received the brief only a day late as I was worried that another set date wasn’t made at the time and it was possible that it could have dragged on longer than planned for, messing up my schedule of work. I was pleased with the brief as well, it was thorough and also included a lot of research conducted by the client that will help with the idea generation a lot. I also found out through the client that the name of the organisation, Bridgewater Community healthcare NHS Trust did not have to be included in the logo which has changed my direction of idea generation dramatically. It also opens the option for some copy to be provided, for example a tag line to go with the logo. This has given the project a great deal of more direction.

I will now use the brief and continue my idea generation. I will deliver some initial concepts to the client before  9/11/11 for some feedback and then develop ideas from this feedback for delivery at the next deadline on 14/11/11.


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