Focus Group

On 4/11/11 I conducted a focus group with 7 NHS staff to gather some primary research and views from frontline staff of the organisation I am re-branding. I gave an introduction to the nurses and explained what my role in the project was, what I wanted to achieve, what the Bridgewater trust wanted to achieve and why I had invited them to the focus group.

I was slightly nervous about chairing the group at first but soon became comfortable talking to the nurses. I explained that their views would be in strictest confidence so they could be as open as they liked with me which was a good idea as the criticisms given gave the best results and ideas throughout most of the conversation. I was pleased with how the group worked out and the views I received which weren’t reflected or highlighted as much in the research received from the client.

On criticism I could maybe make is that the ideas and opinions I were given were not in a creative sense so I didn’t gain many creative visual ideas but they were mainly to do with the impression that the new identity should give to the public so it has given me more focus when generating ideas.

In the future, if I hold another focus group, I would maybe try and gain some more creative ideas and also get more feedback on ideas that I have come up with myself. I didn’t share any of my own ideas with the group so could not get any criticisms of my own thoughts but on the other hand I was given a lot of ideas that hadn’t crossed my mind so overall it was a success.

I will now use these new view points and ideas to inform my idea generation and create as many visual representations as possible. I will also try and come up with some tag lines that may possibly be used with the new logo.


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