Statement Of Intent

Today I showed my first draft of my statement of intent, including a contents page for my folder and ideas on folder organisation to my personal tutor (johny). We spoke about different ways of making the folder better to navigate and looked at work by other designers such as Maria Fischer. Her book Traumgedanken is beautifully navigated through cotton stitched from the contents through the pages to all the relevant chapters. This is a highly intricate design and not suitable for my own work but it did make me try and think of alternative methods of making my folder easier to navigate.

Looking at this work also made me think that the presentation of my work is something that I should be very considerate about. Although the content is extremely important I think that if it is presented poorly then attention will not be paid to it. Also, as one of my aims is for this to be part of my portfolio I want every element to reflect the care and attention I like to put into my work.

Talking to Johny about this was valuable and he helped me a lot with my layout in Indesign and with setting up master pages and justifying my text. Also I had a chance to reflect on my Gantt chart and make sure I am on schedule with the project. I am currently up to speed but would have liked to of done a bit more research work so will concentrate on this for the next 10 days and leave my statement of intent until I have received the official brief from my client. At this point I will hopefully have enough research and be able to finish my statement so I can get on with my idea generation ready for my first deadline.


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